Apple Should Be Buying Roku

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Apple TV+ is on its way, but should the company actually be buying Roku? Tim Beyers on Motley Fool thinks it should. He said it should remake its streaming service as the Roku Channel. It’s certainly an idea…

Now imagine Apple acquiring Roku and making Apple TV+ with its original content a featured channel and selling access as part of the hardware bundle. (“Buy an Apple Roku player and get both Apple TV+ and the Roku Channel, free,” they might say.) Netflix, which has long been available through Roku, could remain on the platform without streaming its data through Apple servers. Everyone wins. Even better, Apple would be putting its service out in the wild — i.e., unbundling the service from the device — just as Roku is getting traction for being the most widely used TV operating system.

Check It Out: Apple Should Be Buying Roku

Apple Should Be Buying Roku

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  1. geoduck

    A very interesting idea. Of course the devil is in the details. What would people like me who HAVE a Roku built into my TV get. Would we gain access too or would it be only those who bought after X/Y/Z date.

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