Users already monitor their time in bed using Apple products, but the options available could be expanding. AppleInsider reported on a patent that involves the company creating a blanket and mattress with the ability to track sleep and health.

“Traditionally, monitoring a person’s sleep or vital signs has required expensive and bulky equipment,” begins “Vital Signs Monitoring System,” US Patent No 20200107785. It then points out that wearing such equipment makes the person uncomfortable, and so affects the very sleep patterns that it’s trying to monitor. This is specifically a criticism about the kind of sleep tracking that requires a stay in a medical facility, but it also makes points that could equally apply to an Apple Watch. Specifically, it says that currently any kind of worn device tends to be “configured to determine the vital signs based on one type of measurement or mode of operation.”

Check It Out: Apple Could Expand Sleep Tracking Capabilities into Blankets And Mattress

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