Apple has bolstered its security over the years, trying to prevent product leaks. It means some have gone to even more extreme lengths to get information out. MacRumors picked up on a report that Apple once found workers trying to get stolen iPhone components out via a tunnel they dug.

The security team is said to have uncovered workers going to extreme lengths to smuggle valuable components out of factories over the years, with some attempting to hide parts in crawl spaces, tissue boxes, shoes, belt buckles, bras, used mop water, under discarded metal shavings, and beyond. Apple once even caught factory workers “digging a small tunnel in a corner of a room behind a large piece of machinery,” hoping to use it to funnel stolen components to the outside, according to the report. “People were chipping away little by little at the wall ‘Shawshank Redemption’ style,” one person said.

Check It Out: Apple Found Workers Trying to Smuggle iPhone Components via a Tunnel

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