Apple TV+ Was DOA And Should End

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At Forbes, the writer and analyst John Koetsier outlined his view that Apple TV+ was DOA. He believes the should company cut its losses and end the streaming service. I totally disagree. Given recent awards success, I actually think it is gaining credibility, not losing it. However, it’s always worth reading dissenting opinions.

Now, with 25th mover advantage firmly in its not-so-hip pocket, Apple is trying to present Apple TV (the app, not the service or the device) as a hub for all your video entertainment, whether it’s on Netflix or Amazon Prime or rented from iTunes or — very infrequently — streamed from Apple TV+ (the service, not the app or the hardware). And yes, this is confusing, because Apple TV is hardware: a set-top box. Apple TV is an app on iPhones and Macs. And Apple TV+ is a paid service with Apple-exclusive video entertainment on multiple platforms, including Roku.

Check It Out: Apple TV+ Was DOA And Should End

Apple TV+ Was DOA And Should End

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  1. paikinho

    Haven’t seen Morning Show, but have loved “See” “For all Mankind” and “Dickenson” which I still have to watch the rest of.

    If Apple keeps pumping out high quality TV and movies then they will be fine. They also have lots of cash to keep things going.

    They may not have started out with a ton of content, but they have shown they can produce some amazing content. As long as they can keep the queue full so people don’t get off of the habit of watching Apple TV+ they can keep people watching their shows while they win more awards.

    Also the ability to put the AppleTV+ app on other devices besides Apple will keep them in the game for a while longer. I think people just like choice.

  2. macjeffff

    Love Apple TV+. I thought “The Morning Show” was amazing, and couldn’t begin to understand the so-so reviews. A great show.

  3. Lee Dronick

    “I totally disagree.”

    As do I

    “However, it’s always worth reading dissenting opinions.”

    Not necessarily

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