Apple TV+ Shows Get Luke Warm Reviews

I’m rather excited to see the new shows on Apple TV+ later this week. However, some that have seen the series already have not greeted them all that warmly. The LA Times rounded up some of the indifferent reviews for The Morning Show, See, and For All Mankind.

Reviews are in for all the shows leading the charge ahead of Apple TV+’s much-anticipated Friday launch, and the general consensus has been lukewarm at best. Even “The Morning Show,” the forthcoming streaming service’s timely flag-bearer starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, has elicited mixed reactions. Four series are set to premiere by week’s end, and all signs point to a slow start as Apple enters the streaming wars. But despite its flaws, some still argue there’s content worth watching in the four new shows.

Check It Out: Apple TV+ Shows Get Luke Warm Reviews

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