Apple’s Brisk Moves to the Future Could Damage Important Revenues

Fast lane into the future

Apple’s Mac business alone amounts to $23 billion annually. Jean-Louis Gassée reminds us that’s as much as the annual revenues of the Northrop Grumman Corp. That’s not something to take lightly. Also, a defocus from Apple branded displays and routers could simply drive customers into the arms of the competition in other closely related product areas. Even computers. Rene Ritche calls it the “Horn Effect.” Page 2 of Friday’s Particle Debris has the conversation.

Check It Out: Apple’s Brisk Moves to the Future Could Damage Important Revenues

6 thoughts on “Apple’s Brisk Moves to the Future Could Damage Important Revenues

  • Just Apple being Apple. Been a customer/user for over 30 years and I see nothing going on now that they don’t normally do – that is, whatever they feel like doing. It is what sets Apple apart from almost every other company on the planet that do what is expected. They never have and most likely never will.

    The Mac is not on its way out. Apple doesn’t remain quiet about things unless they’ve got something going on in the background – then they’re quiet. People seem to get too caught in “reports” and rumors these days – probably because they’re literally everywhere you turn. Nothing’s official until Apple says it is.

    Apple has done more in the past 5 years to build support for current and future products than they have in other time in the company’s entire history. From data centers to silicon design to retail stores to a new programming language. Expect more in those areas before we see any new products from them.

  • How is Apple “briskly” moving into the future? I see no new products in a decade except the failed (another prediction I nailed) Watch. They “briskly” departed from the car idea. they are nowhere in VR and AI, heck Siri is not even up to the competition. Apple I fear is briskly moving to “also-rans” for brand snobs only.

  • Apple has long been ready to cannibalize its own products, as Steve Jobs famously remarked. The iPhone did that to the iPod, for example.

    But this looks more abandonment, not cannibalization.

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