AT&T Boss Says Tech Giants Have Too Much Power in Streaming

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AT&T boss John Stankey has said that tech giants, including Apple, hold too much power over streaming. He made the comments, reported by the Daily Mail at the Wall Street Journal’s Tech Live event.

Where the bottlenecks are sometimes occurring are in these commercial agreements,’ Stankey said during the Wall Street Journal’s annual Tech Live event Monday that was hosted online due to the pandemic.’ We should ask ourselves, is that friction somebody really feeling their oats and maybe having market power above and beyond what’s reasonable for innovation?’ he added. HBO max launched in late May as a new video app, similar to Amazon Video, Apple TV+ and Disney+ seeking to profit of the demand for online TV, and offers series like Friends, The Big Bang Theory and HBO’s library of original TV series.   AT&T is trying to grow their HBO Max subscriber base and convince existing viewers to switch to the Max app. This provides AT&T with better profits than the meek HBO line-up offered through cable partners like Comcast.’Our focus probably needs to be on equity of rules and engagement,’ Stanke said Monday.

Check It Out: AT&T Boss Says Tech Giants Have Too Much Power in Streaming

5 thoughts on “AT&T Boss Says Tech Giants Have Too Much Power in Streaming

  • You know what they say about glass houses and stones…

    Left unsaid is that most people have to rely on crappy companies like AT&T and its cohorts to stream anything at all, whether at home or on the go.

    And the Telco cartel has only been made worse by the regulators giving a pass to their media company acquisitions.

      1. I was thinking the same thing last week when Zickerburg called for an investigation into Apple. He may regret calling the cops when his own hands are dirty.

      2. @geoduck:

        I think you meant to say, calling the cops whilst he’s holding a bloody knife and standing over a still-warm corpse. Yes, this could prove problematic.

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