Backlash Against Cashless Stores

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There is no federal law that requires stores to accept cash, which was something that surprised me. So some stores are going cashless, but some argue this discriminates against poor people who don’t have a bank account and/or a fancy smartphone.

Advocates for cashless bans worry technology is moving too fast for the 6.5% of American households — 8.4 million — that do not have a bank account, according to figures from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Cashless is hard enough, but imagine if you walked into a store only to find out that it only accepts Google Pay. That might bring the reality a bit closer to home.


Check It Out: Backlash Against Cashless Stores

4 thoughts on “Backlash Against Cashless Stores

  • Used to be if you offered cash for an item and the seller refused, the transaction was deemed to be complete and you could take the goods. Cash being god.
    Those days are long gone. Virtual money will just make this even worse.

  • Back when credit cards were a new thing some stores tried charging more for credit cards over cash. I suspect that’s what you will see first. The item is $12, but $10 cashless, and $8.99 if you use GooglePay.

    However in the case mentioned in the article I would have handled it differently than he did. If I walk in, order a taco, get to the cashier and find they won’t take my money I simply would have set it down on the counter. wished them a cheery “f-you” and walked out. They don’t want my money then they obviously don’t want my business.

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