New Beats X Headphones to Go on Sale in Paris

LONDON- Apple’s Beats and Japanese fashion brand, Sacai are coming together to create BeatsX. The specially designed headphones are going to initially go on sale in a pop-up store in Paris on March 4th, AppleInsider reported. They come in three different colours, and they are not going to be cheap.

To buy a pair, at least initially, people will have to turn to a pop-up store launching in Paris on March 4. The product will also cost about $200 — a premium of more than $100 over normal BeatsX models. Apple is no stranger to treating Beats products as fashion accessories, often focusing more on their style than sound quality or features. The company regularly pays to insert Beats products into music videos or sports sponsorships to lure in a young audience.

Check It Out: New Beats X Headphones to Go on Sale in Paris

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