A normal display for a Mac or PC nowadays has an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 16:10. But an ultrawide display has an aspect ratio of 21:9 and sizes can be substantial. And, unlike the failed technology of curved 4K/UHD TV displays, a curved computer monitor is actually useful. And beautiful. Digital Trends has put together an analysis of the five best. The “best ultrawide monitor overall” went to the Samsung CF791 (shown), but there were other categories.

Be careful though, ultrawides are dangerous — once you try one, you’ll be spoiled for all other monitors. Even the sharpest, clearest 16:9 monitor will seem insubstantial and inadequate by comparison.

Check It Out: 5 of the Best Ultrawide Displays for a Mac or PC

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  1. paikinho

    I probably would use a different term than “failed technology”.
    Curved 4K/UHD TV’s just didn’t seem to catch on in popularity.

    Unfortunately, I had yet to buy a curved version because the price was a wee bit higher than I wanted to pay and now they have been yanked off the market.

    Would have loved to get one of LG’s OLED 65″ C6P from 2016

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