ClimaCell Aims to Replace Dark Sky’s Weather API

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After Apple acquired Dark Sky, one announcement noted that its weather API would no longer be available. ClimaCell recently upgraded its API with new features and pricing, hoping to entice developers. The company has some impressive clients it works with, like the U.S. Air Force, Ford, United, Delta, and others. One new feature is a new data layer to track pollen.

With more than 50 million Americans allergic to some form of pollen, this proprietary index includes data on when airborne irritants are in season to inform people who suffer from pollen-related aggravations, such as asthmatics. API users can add this data layer into their app to offer users alerts when pollen levels are high.

Good news for developers. ClimaCell tells me they had been upgrading their weather API when the news of Dark Sky’s acquisition hit.

Check It Out: ClimaCell Aims to Replace Dark Sky’s Weather API

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