Creators, Influencers, And How They Apologise

Dr Disrespect influencer

I’m fascinated by the rise of creators and influencers. Such people dominate platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. However, sometimes they get called out for doing something wrong. The Verge published an interesting look at how people like Dr. Disrespect go about apologizing.

Apologies can be a big deal for creators. They’ve become a staple in YouTube’s beauty community, with personalities like James Charles and Tati Westbrook pulling in millions of views for videos responding to controversies. By using their main channels to post apologies, those creators confront their issues head-on and show a willingness to accept responsibility for whatever happened. But other creators may not want their core fans to see them apologize. Posting on alternate platforms allows creators like Paul and Beahm to acknowledge an issue and say they’ve addressed it while largely sweeping things under the rug.

Check It Out: Creators, Influencers, And How They Apologise

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