Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the social network could put deepfakes into a “completely different category.” His comments at the Aspen Ideas Festival came in the wake of altered video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which was widely shared on Facebook. Axios had a good summary of all his comments.

Zuckerberg has been getting clobbered by politicians and the media for two years for everything from election manipulation to fake news unfolding on his platform. He knows the pummeling may only intensify with 2020 heating up. Zuckerberg also said Facebook is rethinking its handling of deepfake videos, and said it might make sense to treat them differently from other “false news,” as Facebook calls fake news. Zuckerberg said it’s worth asking whether deepfakes are a “completely different category,” and said developing a policy on these videos is “really important” as AI grows more sophisticated.

Check It Out: Deepfakes Could be a ‘Completely Different Category’ Says Zuckerberg

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  1. geoduck

    He admits they can identify Deepfakes well enough to put them in their own category.
    Yet it never crosses his mind to block and ban them?
    Zuckerburg = Evil

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