Digital LED Infrared No-Contact Thermometer: $79.99

Digital LED Infrared No-Contact Thermometer

We have a deal on a Digital No-Contact Thermometer with a high-precision infrared sensor that reliably scans body heat in under 1 second. This thermometer takes temperature within 1.18″ to 1.97″ for no-contact measurement—preventing the spread of germs. This device is $79.99 through our deal.

Check It Out: Digital LED Infrared No-Contact Thermometer: $79.99

One thought on “Digital LED Infrared No-Contact Thermometer: $79.99

  • Hope this thermometer is more accurate than others I see in use lately. They routinely report very low temperatures and are largely useless.

    Any infrared device is 100% dependent on emissivity which can vary widely depending on skin texture, color, and the presence of makeup.

    I know of a medical institution using these to screen employees and it’s turned into a checkbox with no value whatsoever.

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