Discord Prevents Users From Suing the Company

Chat app Discord recently updated its terms of service to prevent users from suing the company.

In a section of the terms of service titled “Dispute Resolution,” Discord asserts that “most disputes can be resolved without resorting to arbitration.” Any Discord user wishing to raise issue with the company must now provide “notice of the dispute,” which includes “a brief, written description of the dispute, the relief requested and the contact information of the party giving it.”

The policy goes into effect on Oct. 23. Those wishing to opt out will have 30 days to send a notice to Discord.

Why do I have a dark feeling that Discord will announce a data breach within the next six months? If that happens, users can’t sue Discord for mishandling their data.

Check It Out: Discord Prevents Users From Suing the Company

One thought on “Discord Prevents Users From Suing the Company

  • Maybe not. If a breach occurred before the terms of service were changed, then a colorable argument exists that Discord’s ex post facto change in its ToS wouldn’t apply. If such a breach occurred, and someone can demonstrate legally-cognizable damages, the issue is likely to be litigated.

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