A Swarm of Drones Just Created a Hive Mind

A collective of 30 drones demonstrated collective intelligence. The drones weren’t programmed to have a certain flight path. They self-organized into a hive mind and flew in sync, without smashing into each other.

As the newly-formed flock migrates, its members’ luminous underbellies all change to the same color: green. They’ve decided to head east. The drones at the front approach a barrier, and their tummies turn teal as they veer south. Soon, the trailing members’ lights change in suit.

In contrast, each of these 30 drones is tracking its own position, its own velocity, and simultaneously sharing that information with other members of the flock. There is no leader among them; they decide together where to go—a decision they make on the literal, honest-to-goodness fly.

Green…Borg green??

Check It Out: A Swarm of Drones Just Created a Hive Mind

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