Whistleblower Edward Snowden told Recode’s Kara Swisher that he thinks social media giant Facebook is as untrustworthy as the NSA. He made the claims in a soon to be published podcast interview.

“Facebook’s internal purpose, whether they state it publicly or not, is to compile perfect records of private lives to the maximum extent of their capability, and then exploit that for their own corporate enrichment. And damn the consequences,” Snowden told Swisher. “This is actually precisely the same as what the NSA does. Google … has a very similar model. They go, ‘Oh, we’re connecting people.’ They go, ‘Oh, we’re organizing data.’” Although, Snowden said, these companies still don’t know as much as the government, which can gather information from all of the many tech platforms.

Check It Out: Edward Snowden Thinks Facebook is as Untrustworthy as the NSA

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  1. Manqueman

    Actually, Facebook is probably worse overall than the NSA.
    For one thing, the NSA is somewhat accountable indirectly through such power of the vote as we have. Too, Peter Thiel remains on Facebook’s board mentoring Zuck. Thiel is the controlling force, as it were, behind Planatir, a private sector NSA-wannabe.

  2. lkrupp215

    This from a guy who fled to a total surveillance state where his every word and move is monitored by FAPSI, the Russian equivalent of the NSA. And I’m betting his communications are approved by them before their release. He can say whatever he wants as long as it criticizes the U.S. I’m guessing.

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