For an estimated US$200,000 you could pack up and move to Mars some time after 2024 via SpaceX. Elon Musk might even join you. “Musk told Axios there’s a ’70 percent’ [chance] he’ll make the voyage to the red planet. When asked why he’d [go] in light of the dangers, Musk said, “There’s lots of people that climb mountains. You know, why do they climb mountains? Because people die on Mount Everest all the time. They like doing it for the challenge.”

Check It Out: Elon Musk Might Move to Mars. You Could Join Him

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  1. Macsee

    OBSCENE. Health damage (radiation), awkward living (no gravity), higher death rate (accidents), waste of precious raw materials (fossil fuels) and Earth aggression (contamination, contributing to climate change and heating). Besides extremely expensive when more than 30 million people die each single year of plain hunger. PATHETIC!

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