Facebook wants to offer new services to its users, so it’s asking banks in the United States to share personal account information. That includes account balances and credit card activity, because who better to have access to our personal financial data than Facebook? From the Wall Street Journal:

As part of the proposed deals, Facebook asked banks for information about where its users are shopping with their debit and credit cards outside of purchases they make using Facebook Messenger.

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have shown time and again that our personal data is far more valuable than our privacy. At least one bank has already told Facebook “no,” and hopefully the others will, too.

Check It Out: Facebook Asks Banks for Your Account Balance, Credit Card Activity

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  1. geoduck

    In a decade or two Facebook will be one of those “What the he!! were they thinking” things people talk about.

  2. Old UNIX Guy

    Hey Zuck,

    Congratulations! That is by far and away the most insanely stupid idea to not come from Donald Trumps’ mouth.

    I have never had a Facebook account (how many people can say that?!?) … never will have a Facebook account … and if my bank gave you any of my information I’d sue both of your worthless sack of monkey dung butts to hell and back.

    And don’t get me started or I’ll tell you how I really feel…

    Old UNIX Guy

    • Lee Dronick

      I have a Facebook account and am active on it. It has helped me reconnect with old friends and make new ones, but I do practice safe facebooking. No apps, no quizzes, Facebook doesn’t get my phone number or address book and other data mining things.

      In a addition to their intrusiveness I have issues with their horrid design and buggy newsfeed.

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