Facebook’s Classic Look Going in September

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Facebook’s ‘classic’ blue look will disappear come September, Engadget reported. The updated version, which has been the default since May, will be the only option available to users.

A notification on the page and support pages that told users how to switch back now indicate that the Classic Facebook is going away in September, and taking its old blue theme with it. Designers and engineers explained their reasoning for the makeover to Engadget a few months ago. The stagnation preceding this revamp occurred while Facebook focused on mobile devices, but now it’s ready to push items like its Watch and Gaming sections, as well as the conspiracist-riddled Groups.

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3 thoughts on “Facebook’s Classic Look Going in September

    1. Lee:

      I find FB horrid, but I digress. There is no lipstick that can fix the ugly on FB, because it’s not just skin deep. It goes to the bone and sinew and arises from the DNA of what defines FB’s species and ecological niche. The only cure for that kind of ugly is Darwinian in nature, or in FB’s case, a CEO transplant.

      1. Like everything there are good and bad features. I like that I have reconnected with long lost friends, made new ones, and of course family. But otherwise being on Facebook calls for wary walking. I don’t use their apps other than the main one, don’t participate in surveys or play games, and I certainly do not sign-in with my Facebook accounts on 3rd party websites and apps.

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