Spread Fake News in Singapore, You Could go to Prison for a Decade

Fake News - Pinocchio nose with

While lawmakers in the UK and U.S. lament fake news, and Mark Zuckerberg promises Facebook will do better, Singapore is taking action. The government there is looking to impose serious fines and even 10-years imprisonment on those who spread fake news. While users may be pleased something is being done, Bloomberg News reported that tech firms raised some concerns.

The new measures will require online sites to show corrections to false or misleading claims and take down falsehoods, according to a bill put forward in Parliament on Monday by the government…The bill also intends to impose criminal sanctions — including fines of up to S$1 million ($740,000) and 10 years in prison — against those who spread an online falsehood with intent to prejudice the public interest, and those who make a bot to spread an online falsehood. The sanctions will also apply to anyone providing services for the purpose of spreading falsehoods in return for a reward.

Check It Out: Spread Fake News in Singapore, You Could go to Prison for a Decade

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