Thousands of iOS and Android Apps are Leaking Data

Data Leak

Thousands of iOS and Android apps are leaking data. Over 113 GB of data have been exposed because of 2,271 misconfigured Firebase databases. Firebase is a service that Google offers that contains tools that developers use to create mobile and web apps. Cloud messaging, push notifications, database, analytics, advertising, and more are all tools that Firebase offers, which makes it a popular tool, at least among Android developers.

Starting with January 2018, Appthority researchers scanned mobile apps that used Firebase systems to store user data, analyzing the app’s communications pattern for requests made to Firebase domains.

After scanning more than 2.7 million iOS and Android apps, researchers said they identified 28,502 mobile apps (27,227 Android and 1,275 iOS) that connected and stored data inside Firebase backends.

Check It Out: Thousands of iOS and Android Apps are Leaking Data

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