A firmware update means the Blackmagic eGPU and Apple’s new Pro Display XDR are now fully compatible. Cult of Mac said users already had got the setup working, but this update should make everything much smoother.

Blackmagic eGPU units now play nicely with Apple’s new Pro Display XDR following a firmware update. The version 1.2 release is available now for both the Blackmagic and Blackmagic Pro. Apple states on its website that Pro Display XDR is compatible with any Mac connected to a Blackmagic eGPU over Thunderbolt 3. And users have been reporting that this setup works just fine. Nevertheless, it seems a firmware update was necessary for complete compatibility. And you can get your hands on it today. Blackmagic and Blackmagic Pro owners should be able to download the version 1.2 release immediately.

Check It Out: Firmware Update Means Blackmagic eGPU Fully Supports Pro Display XDR

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