Wired writes:

Foldable phones like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X are coming, whether you’re ready or not. In fact, they’re coming whether they’re ready or not. The software remains untested or nonexistent. The prices are either astronomical or unannounced. But those potential issues can be fixed on the fly. The real thing you should hold out for? Glass.

Wired explores the technical prospects for real, foldable glass. It’s coming.

Check It Out: Foldable Smartphone Displays are Plastic, but Glass is Coming Next

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  1. CudaBoy

    Yeah…..No. That’s Corning spewing baloney about “fold-able glass” to keep you interested in something they are losing out on. They aren’t even close to showing glass can that can bend as required – total BS. If you think about it; the matrix for LCDs and LEDS, OLEDS, AMOLEDS has always been a flexible substance with glass and plastic merely the choice to protect it. Now you can spray on rock hard polymers virtual ceramics that will do just fine on those bendy screens – and Corning doesn’t want to hear about that. The Apple Car is coming, too.
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