Check out the MondoHub Master USB Hub, a beast of a USB hub with 28 USB ports. That includes 4 USB 3.0 and 24 USB 2.0 ports, as well as a 5V / 4A power adapter. You can get it for $54.99 through us.

Check It Out: Get 28 USB Ports with the MondoHub Master USB Hub

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  1. David Winograd

    Sorry but this is junk.
    I had one last year, After a month it didn’t work. I contacted the mfg or the fulfillment house and they would not make good.
    It went in the trash.
    $55 wasted.
    Buy an Anker. At least they come with an 18 month warrantee you won’t haver to worry about the vestigal USB 2.0

  2. geoduck

    I have four USB ports on my iMac
    I could plug in four of these and have 112 ports
    Then I put 256GB flash drives in ALL the ports.
    Then RAID them in groups of 16 to make 7, 4TB drives
    Then RAID 5 the 7 GB drives.
    And then I’ll have the SLOWEST 24TB system on earth.

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