Godfathers of AI Win Prestigious Turing Award

University of Montreal Professor Yoshua Bengio, Google researcher Geoff Hinton, and Facebook’s chief AI scientist Yann LeCun have won the Turing Award for their work in AI. Wired noted that receiving the award, known as the Nobel Prize of computer science, demonstrates how far into the mainstream AI has become.

The trio’s journey is a parable of scientific grit and case study in the economic value of new forms of computing. Through decades of careful research out of the limelight, they transformed an old-fashioned, marginalized idea into the hottest in computer science….Asked what winning the Turing Award means, Hinton expresses mock surprise. “I guess neural networks are now respectable computer science,” he says. The joke is that in computer science, there isn’t anything more respectable than a Turing Award.

Check It Out: Godfathers of AI Win Prestigious Turing Award

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