Google Chrome Adding New Privacy Features

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Google Chrome recently announced a variety of new privacy features will be added when the latest version is released. These include real-time threat checking and password checking. Wired has a good rundown of what users of the popular browser can expect in the near future.

Chrome’s new Enhanced Safe Browsing mode will attempt to play catchup. If you turn the feature on the address of websites you’re visiting will be shared with Google in real-time and the company will compare it to its blocklist of unsafe sites. This builds on its existing Safe Browsing mode. “Chrome checks the URL of each site you visit or file you download against a local list, which is updated approximately every 30 minutes,” Google explains in a blog post about the new setting. “Increasingly, some sophisticated phishing sites slip through that 30-minute refresh window by switching domains very quickly.”

Check It Out: Google Chrome Adding New Privacy Features

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