Google, Fitbit Deal Looks Set for EU Approval

Google’s bid to purchase Fitbit is set to receive EU approval, according to Reuters. It comes after the tech giant made a variety of concessions. It comes as the firms look to challenge Apple’s strong position in the wearables market.

Google said it had offered to restrict the use of Fitbit data for Google ads and would also tighten the monitoring of that process, confirming a Reuters report. The offer is based on a July proposal. “We’re also formalizing our longstanding commitment to supporting other wearable manufacturers on Android and to continue to allow Fitbit users to connect to third party services via APIs (application programming interfaces) if they want to,” Google said in a statement. Third parties will also continue to have access to Fitbit users’ data, with users’ consent.

Check It Out: Google, Fitbit Deal Looks Set for EU Approval

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