Grammarly, the spelling and grammar checking application, celebrated its 10th birthday Monday. It also happens to be one of my favorite productivity tools. After a decade saving users from embarrassing typos, the company told Fast Company’s Harry McCraken that it now has a wider mission – to help people communicate better.

Like every tech company, Grammarly sees itself as having a higher calling. “It’s important to write well; it’s important to write accurately,” says Brad Hoover, the company’s CEO. “But fundamentally, the problem we’re solving is so much bigger. Communication is something that most of us do from an early age, and it both binds us together as people and tears us apart. And a tool set that helps people bridge those gaps, and connect those dots, and communicate what they mean, really does have the promise to fundamentally change how the world works.”

Check It Out: Grammarly Celebrates 10th Birthday With Mission to Help us Communicate Better

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