Huawei is working to find ways to withstand the U.S. – China trade war. Bloomberg News outlined some of its tactics and how it shapes up compared with Apple.

The newly hostile environment is putting to the test not just Apple’s “Designed in California, Assembled in China” slogan, but the overall preparedness of two smartphone-making giants as the decades-old made-in-China model fractures. Here’s a look at how dependent Apple and Huawei are on external suppliers. OS: Apple’s strength has always been the integration of software with hardware, and it has absolute control over iOS. Huawei is trying to do the same with Hongmeng, but it has everything left to prove, starting today. For the foreseeable future, Huawei remains dependent on Android for its mainstream smartphones, especially outside China. Advantage: Apple.

Check It Out: How Huawei and Apple Are Shaping up in the U.S – China Trade War

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