How Singapore Airlines uses iPads to Help Pilots

Pilots have a lot of paperwork to do. To try and help, Singapore Airlines arm theirs with an iPad loaded with two specialized apps. These apps organize the roster, track flying hours and deliver key information such as routing, weather and fuel load. It is all secured using TouchID. Crucially, Singapore Airlines has to maintain these processes in a way that pilots, who are creatures of habit, are comfortable with. CNet went into the cockpit and found that using iPads has led to a number of improvements for Singapore Airlines’s pilots.

The airline started looking into this back in 2015, before rolling out iPads loaded with two essential custom apps, FlyNow and Roster. These iPads are secured with Apple’s TouchID, letting them ditch the previously used two-factor authentication dongles pilots had to carry around. That’s on top of the other apps that give pilots detailed weather information and flight charting information.

Check It Out: How Singapore Airlines uses iPads to Help Pilots

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