How the iPhone 12 Pro Could Change Filmmaking

Apple made great play of the iPhone 12 Pro’s camera and 5G capabilities. The Hollywood Reporter spoke to those in the film industry who think some of the features, particularly the cameras, could help revolutionize filmmaking.

“The new iPhone with Lidar, HDR, and the other camera improvements is a visual effects artist’s dream,” says Academy Award-winning VFX pro Ben Grossmann, who is CEO of Magnopus, an L.A. tech developer that worked with Jon Favreau to create the virtual production pipeline used to make The Lion King. “We used to go on movie sets to do all those things with separate pieces of hardware that could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and would take weeks to process into something useable. The notion that you have them all combined in your pocket, with the onboard processing power like that, and a connection to cloud compute over a connection speed that used to cost us tens of thousands of dollars in our machine rooms? It’s a bit more futuristic than I’d thought possible in 2020.”

Check It Out: How the iPhone 12 Pro Could Change Filmmaking

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