How much do you spend each month on subscriptions? Each year? The number is only is going up. In a recent Wall Street Journal column, Joanna Stern looked at ways we can all cut out the unnecessary subscriptions in our lives.

The assortment of services is harder to keep track of than the flavors of LaCroix sparkling water. And the number of subscriptions we pay for, and how much we pay, is only going to keep ballooning. Don’t get me wrong. I love subscriptions. I love that soon I’ll be able to pay $7 a month for the newly announced Disney+ instead of paying a la carte for each $3 episode of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” But we can’t just go on signing up for “free trials” that turn into years-long payments. We have to pay attention to where our money is going.

Check It Out: How to Stop Wasting Money on Subscriptions

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  1. Lee Dronick

    I would have to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal in order to read the linked article. 😀

      • archimedes

        For some reason my ad blocker is turned off and all the ads on this page are for subscriptions. The hilarious one is “take greater control of your budget with a … subscription $49.95.”

      • Lee Dronick

        The MacObserver is one of the few websites that I have whitelisted,

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