iBaby Monitors Can be Exploited by Hackers

Parents using an iBaby Monitor M6S should be aware it has multiple security problems that open it up to hackers.

That means any ne’er-do-well can purchase an iBaby monitor and use it to access files from every iBaby monitor. Unbelievable? Believe it. For legal reasons, the Bitdefender researchers did not access data belonging to other real-world users. Instead, they set up a second test device and verified access.

Check It Out: iBaby Monitors Can be Exploited by Hackers

One thought on “iBaby Monitors Can be Exploited by Hackers

  • Andrew:

    This is yet another reminder of perils of adoption of smart devices in this early, first adopter phase of smart devices, and is precisely why I have not gone all in on outfitting my home with smart devices. Colleagues in IT and my own reading combined have convinced me of many suspected vulnerabilities in common commercial devices, but the possibility of even more unknown vulnerabilities available for exploit by private and state actors.

    Until there are security standards that these devices are required to meet, and verified by regulation, indiscriminate adoption of these devices might be ‘smart’ but not necessarily ‘wise’.

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