India COVID-19 Outbreak Slows Foxconn iPhone Output

Reuters reported on the consequences the devastating COVID-19 outbreak in India has had on manufacturing in the country. Foxconn’s iPhone output is significantly down, with plants operating at hugely reduced capacity.

Tamil Nadu is one of the worst hit states in the second coronavirus wave engulfing India. Officials imposed a full lockdown in the state from Monday, closing public transport and shuttering shops, to try slow surging infections.┬áMore than 100 Foxconn employees in the state have tested positive for COVID-19 and the company has enforced a no-entry ban at its factory in the capital of Chennai until late May, one of the sources said.” Employees are only allowed to leave but not to enter the facility since yesterday,” the person said. “Only a small part of output is being kept.”

Check It Out: India COVID-19 Outbreak Slows Foxconn iPhone Output

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