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Apple removed the Infowars podcasts from its iTunes listings citing hate speech violations, but is letting the Infowars Official app stay on its iPhone and iPad App Store. Why remove the podcasts, but not the app, since they all offer the same content? Even though the podcasts violate Apple’s guidelines, the app doesn’t. In a statement to Buzzfeed, Apple said,

We strongly support all points of view being represented on the App Store, as long as the apps are respectful to users with differing opinions, and follow our clear guidelines, ensuring the App Store is a safe marketplace for all. We continue to monitor apps for violations of our guidelines and if we find content that violates our guidelines and is harmful to users we will remove those apps from the store as we have done previously.

The problem here is that Apple’s App Store guidelines Alex Jones Infowars App Still on App Store Even After Podcasts Were Blocked, and they’re apparently different than the iTunes Store guidelines for podcasts. It’s confusing for content creators and consumers. Apple is well within its rights to block podcasts and apps for any reason, even if they’re arbitrary. I’d prefer, however, if Apple’s guidelines were clear and consistently enforced.

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2 thoughts on “Apple: Infowars App Can Stay on App Store

  • I certainly agree with you jackadoodle. I have been listening to InfoWars as a whole for several years now. David Knight is my favourite and the first in studio report I saw (LaVoy Finicum being murdered on camera by the FBI). But I found Alex on my own without any preconceived ideas about him or InfoWars. Because I knew so much already about… let’s say, what goes on in the real world from personal experience and special friends of mine. I found him an excellent source for info from someone who has CIA, secret service, military intelligence and other very high up government contacts/info. Plus InfoWars has the expert guests on to back a lot of that info up publicly. Example: people like William Benney (he even hosted the show sometimes) who was the former head of the NSA (not the political one) and explained a lot of what Snowden was all about and what happened to even himself when he tried to do what was right. Sadly, all of that is gone off of YouTube and all my links are dead now to backup what I am saying.

    InfoWars is not perfect but I am unaware of anyone who is. Does Alex gets some things wrong, of course. But so does the MSM and no one seems to care about them getting things wrong or so many times lying outright. You don’t want to know how much we are lied to or made to look like something it is not, even locally about something that we would consider completely unimportant in some little ol’ small town newspaper.

    I’ll give a prime example of how things work on Alex’s side that I have watched happen. Alex has said during a live show before he went on air (getting made about the lawsuits about Sandy Hook) how all his CIA contacts (he has quite a number of them) told him that Sandy Hook was a complete government false flag and no one died. So if you were him and all your contacts are telling you this, yet you still manage to host both sides of the argument on the show and not declare as an absolute fact that no one died (contrary to what MSM says), even though all your sources say otherwise. I would say you did very well. But the real world (Deep State etc. worldwide) is such a different ballgame that people just cannot wrap their minds around it unless they have experienced it for themselves. They are not “pleasant” “feel good” experiences and you don’t want to experience any part of the real world or the people who operate in it. It is a different world.

    So to me, I don’t get all the hate and banning from Apple etc. of Alex and InfoWars. Most people commenting against him haven’t taken the time to watch him for a few months or more to understand what Alex and InfoWars is talking about (the big picture) and watch what they say come true (a few days up to a few years later). I have.

    So to finalize this long, long comment, this has been a tidbit from my experience and not from what someone else has told me in some newspaper or online hit piece. I hope it isn’t too long to post.

  • Speaking of the InfoWars app… I used to think Alex Jones was a crackpot. I never took him seriously. Once he was banned by the tech billionaires, I realized that they take him seriously and maybe I should give his show a listen. I’ve downloaded the app, and have become a fan. It’s weird how these efforts to silence conservatives, actually backfire and make them stronger.

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