We know that Internet TV is booming. And yet the interesting fact is that conventional TV viewing isn’t dropping in proportion. It’s dropping only a little. That means that the sum of the two, in daily viewing hours, is increasing. It also explains why cord-cutting is often pooh-poohed as minor. Something’s keeping those cable TV subscriptions fairly attractive. No data caps? Local news and sports? DVR capability? The chart doesn’t explain; it just shows the data. Very interesting indeed.

Check It Out: Internet TV is Booming, Overtaking Conventional TV

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  1. JBSlough

    “Something’s keeping those cable TV subscriptions fairly attractive.”
    Can’t speak for everyone but if I cut the cord my broadband cost goes way up. They’ve got us locked into bundles that make it cheaper to have TV and Internet than just Internet.

    • marcsten

      I had the same with Century Link DSL, but I contacted them to ask about raising the speed via fiber optic and they were more than happy to do so. I then cancelled the Direct TV sat service through them. Direct TV has contract minimums (typically a year or two) abut I had already passed those, so was able to terminate right away. Its quite a bit cheaper than having both, even with the high price for fiber optic speed. Every contract is different, so check it out.

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