Joanna Stern writes about how iOS 12’s Screen Time feature couldn’t cure addiction, specifically smartphone addiction.

Just one little problem: For those of us who compulsively check our phones—sometimes even when watching our children on the playground, or crossing the street—Apple’s lock is like Scotch tape on a pack of cigarettes. If you’re not super addicted, though, there’s hope.

With much respect for Ms. Stern, I hope she didn’t actually set out thinking that Screen Time could cure a smartphone addiction. Apple is many things; a replacement for a licensed psychologist it is not. For more information on smartphone addiction, Psychiatry Advisor has some criteria.

Check It Out: iOS 12 Screen Time Can’t Cure Addiction

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  1. paikinho

    But it can give people information they can use to make personal decisions for their lives.

    My kids were shocked to find out that the iPad had been used an average 5 hours a day during one week. That was eye opening.

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