iPadOS 15 Wishlist – Proper Second Screen Support And More

We learned at WWDC 2020 what will be the upcoming version of the iPad’s operating system. On Cult of Mac, Ed Hardy look to the future and offered his iPadOS 15 wishlist. Full second display support? Yes, please.

You can mirror the iPad’s display onto a larger screen, which is very convenient for presentations and gaming. The videos from streaming services like Netflix can take full advantage of a big-screen TV. And a few drawing apps have embraced external displays. But there’s little to offer the average person to get day-to-day work done. It’s high time that changed. An iPad can show two applications side by side, or two windows from the same app. The feature should extend to moving app windows to an external display. An Apple A-series processor can easily handle displaying four open applications at once.

Check It Out: iPadOS 15 Wishlist – Proper Second Screen Support And More

4 thoughts on “iPadOS 15 Wishlist – Proper Second Screen Support And More

  • Charlotte:

    Many of the current talking points on the web make the wish list, but perhaps one of the most discussed was the external monitor optimisation tweak for iPadOS 14. I’m currently using my iPad Pro for most of my work tasks, whenever possible, but have yet to purchase a dedicated monitor, if for no other reason than that I would need to use a third party app to utilise the full screen, and even then, there are a few quirks that the developer has yet to address.

    Apple could still add this as an update to iPadOS 14. Hope springs eternal.

  • 15? Just another website to not care or read. 15? Pathetic. Mac Observer bookmark deleted.

    Two OS’s from the released OS currently? Sick. Bye – forever.

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