iPhone 12 Preorders Beat Its Predecessor, Says Ming-Chi Kuo

iPhone 12 pre-orders in the first 24-hours of availability surpassed those for the iPhone 11 in the same time period. That’s according to a note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, seen by CNBC.

In a research note Monday, Kuo reported that Apple sold up to 2 million iPhone 12 units in the first 24 hours, up from 800,000 units of the iPhone 11. But for the full weekend of preorders, which ended Sunday, Kuo predicted Apple would sell up to 9 million iPhone 12 units, down from the iPhone 11′s 12 million for the same period. The iPhone 12 Pro sold better than expected thanks to strong demand in China, Kuo said

Check It Out: iPhone 12 Preorders Beat Its Predecessor, Says Ming-Chi Kuo

One thought on “iPhone 12 Preorders Beat Its Predecessor, Says Ming-Chi Kuo

  • Charlotte:

    That’s good to hear. I, for one, am having a hard time justifying the purchase of a new iPhone (prefer the iPhone 12 Pro in ocean blue, if I do), given my current level of use during the pandemic, with so many other items to consider; particularly for my wife whose current home-based consulting is going to require me to further kit her out with more hardware. Apart from aesthetics (which are compelling), the only functional advantage I can descry over my iPhone X is the camera, equipped with LIDaR (again, which is compelling, particularly in low light). My travel remains restricted and my international conferences are all virtual, so the argument for that particular device is muted.

    I will definitely be ordering a few HomePod Minis, and Apple’s new streaming package, and very likely getting my wife a new Apple Silicon-powered Mac, once they’re released. Keeping my powder dry, for now.

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