The Ireland subreddit is to close every night at midnight local time in an attempt to stop a deluge of racist posts. BBC News reported that it plans to add moderators and filters as a longterm solution.

Moderators said having to check every comment on the social network’s forums had pushed them to “breaking point”.vThe page is now seeking to expand its team of moderators and add filters that can spot posts “hateful” comments.vIn a post on the page, which has 280,000 members, it said: “We’re taking the very difficult decision today to shut down Reddit Ireland temporarily between midnight and 08:00 each day in order to stem the flow of racist/extremist content which is being posted at these times.”

Check It Out: Ireland Subreddit Shutting Down at Midnight in Bid to Stop Racist Trolls

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  1. geoduck

    A couple of years ago I tried Reddit for a couple of weeks. All I saw, even on subreddits for Fossils, and Geology was abuse, and name calling, and trolling. Literally I got called a *slang term for homosexual* because I agreed with someone about the behaviour of an extinct animal. It was literally one of the most vile places on the web. I closed my account and have never gone back.

    Reddit is in the same class with Twitter and 4Chan; beyond redemption.

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