Kanye West climbed on top of a product display table in the Georgetown Apple store on Thursday so he could deliver a “keynote” to shoppers. Apple didn’t invite him into the store to speak or climb on furniture, although he was apparently quite the spectacle. I said it before, and now I’m putting the call out again: Can someone get this man some help?

Check It Out: Kanye West’s Apple Store “Keynote” Shows a Man Who Needs Some Serious Help

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  1. Old UNIX Guy

    Kanye’s not the only one who needs help, Jeff.

    Kanye West met with Donald Trump at the White House and told him that the new Air Force One needs to be an Apple-designed “iPlane” that is hydrogen powered.

    Every word of the proceeding sentence is true and on video if you doubt that.

    And while Donald Trump obviously needs help, I wasn’t really referring to him. I’m referring to the 30-some odd percent of Americans who still approve of the job he’s doing…

    Old UNIX Guy

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