Back in 2015, Kaspersky antivirus added a feature that made it possible for users to be tracked across websites, even in incognito mode.

The identifier, as reported Thursday by c’t Magazine, was part of a blob of JavaScript Kaspersky products injected into every page a user visited. The JavaScript, presented below this paragraph, was designed to, among other things, present a green icon that corresponded to safe links returned in search results…Kaspersky stopped sending the identifier in June, after Eikenberg privately reported the behavior to the AV company.

Check It Out: Kaspersky Antivirus Injected Unique Javascript Into Browsers

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  1. geoduck

    Oh wow, wodja’ look at that
    Kaspersky is doing something questionable behind the scenes.
    Injecting code to pages without telling anyone
    I’m soooo surprised
    Never have trusted Kaspersky and never will.

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