Keepsafe is launching a phone number lookup service. Text “Hello” to (855) 228-4539 and it will send you a small report of public data associated with your phone number.

Keepsafe co-founder and CEO Zouhair Belkoura said that while marketers are able to access this information with relative ease, it’s difficult for consumers to check. “We said, ‘Why don’t we make it super easy?’” he said. “Here’s a number you can text that tells you what information is publicly available.”

I’m pleased to report that my phone number isn’t publicly associated with certain information in any way, like my name, home address, age, gender, carrier, and associated people. In my privacy score, they did figure out what carrier I use, as well as the zip code of my former home town. But again, no actual address. Although it sounds like Keepsafe uses your number for marketing, in the ultimate act of irony.

Check It Out: Phone Number Lookup: See Your Public Data Profile

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  1. MacFrogger

    Andrew: I read the linked article, as well as the comments below it. Apparently once you text them “Hello” you are agreeing that they can send you marketing messages and other crap. You might want to add this important piece of info to your article…

  2. DMO

    Didn’t get much for me. Wrong name; wrong address (literally across the country); no gender; no age; right carrier; and a correct associate (but only one). That last is troublesome.

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