A complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Thursday claims that Google violated U.S. labor laws. It alleges that the company spied on workers who were organizing employee protests before firing two of them, The Verge reported.

The complaint names two employees, Laurence Berland and Kathryn Spiers, both of whom were fired by the company in late 2019 in connection with employee activism. Berland was organizing against Google’s decision to work with IRI Consultants, a firm widely known for its anti-union efforts, when he was let go for reviewing other employees’ calendars. Now, the NLRB has found Google’s policy against employees looking at certain coworkers’ calendars is unlawful. Several other employees were fired in the wake of the protests, but the NLRB found that only the terminations of Berland and Spiers violated labor laws.

Check It Out: Labor Board Alleges Google Illegally Spied on Workers, Then Fired Them

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  1. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

    Alphabet, Inc


    Circular: ALL EMPLOYEES

    Date [REDACTED]

    To all employees;

    Be advised that, as of this date, the company motto and corporate code of conduct, which was changed in October 2015 from ‘Don’t Be Evil’ to ‘Do the Right Thing’, has undergone further change to ‘Do Unto Others…Before They Can Do It Unto You’.

    You have been warned.

    Have a nice day.


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