Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Caught Using iPhone

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Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun was caught using an iPhone after he posted a message on Weibo using the device.

In all fairness, Lei Jun is reported to have stated in the past that officials and staffs of Xiaomi are not banned from using competing brands. But some hold the opinion that it is distasteful and disrespectful to fans for the Xiaomi founder to use an iPhone. Guess we don’t have to wonder anymore why the MIUI interface looks so much like iOS.

Reminds me of the multiple occasions where an Android manufacturer posted a picture on social media to boast how great their camera was, only for people to find out it was shot on an iPhone. In 2018 Vladimir Putin’s goddaughter was caught on camera using an iPhone. She was a Samsung ambassador and was sued by the company for 108 million rubles.

Check It Out: Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Caught Using iPhone

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Caught Using iPhone
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