Logitech has a support article that mentions problems customers may have with Bluetooth mice and keyboards not reconnecting under certain conditions (Brought to my attention from Reddit).

If your Bluetooth mouse or keyboard does not reconnect after a reboot at the login screen and only reconnects after the login, this might be related to FileVault encryption. When FileVault is enabled, Bluetooth mice and keyboards will only re-connect after login.

One of the potential solutions is to disable FileVault. I personally think this is a terrible idea. FileVault encryption is an important security and privacy feature. I don’t know if the bug lies with macOS or Logitech, but my potential solution is to ditch the product instead of disabling your hard disk encryption.

Check It Out: Please Don’t Disable FileVault Encryption Like Logitech Wants

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  1. Bartholomew J. Woodcocke

    Ok, I should acknowledge that there are iMac or Mac Mini users who may be more inconvenienced by this issue. But using the USB receiver, or heaven forbid, a wired keyboard is still far, far preferable to removing full-disk encryption for the sake of a BT keyboard.

  2. Bartholomew J. Woodcocke

    I don’t even know that it can be called a bug. It just means you can’t use a Bluetooth wireless input device to enter your login credentials – how is this a bad idea?

    A user just has to use the computer’s own keyboard/trackpad to enter their login details, the peripherals work just fine after that. Why would one want a BT device to be able to connect to a machine the user isn’t logged into?

    I agree that Logitech offering “Disable Filevault” as one of the potential solutions is irresponsible in the extreme.

    Extending their logic, they may as well advise that in the interests of convenience, a user should just do away with having a login password altogether.

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