How London Is Hacking its Traffic Lights

London traffic light

LONDON – There are over 6,000 traffic lights in London, which both pedestrians¬†and drivers need to navigate as they make their way around the city.¬†Wired has a fascinating feature on how the city’s transport authority, Transport for London, is hacking this network of traffic lights to make London more pleasant for pedestrians. What is more, AI and autonomous vehicles is likely to have a huge effect on how this all works in the future.

Such ideas don’t necessarily require technology, new innovations could further change our roads and the signals managing them. For example, researchers are working on ways to get rid of traffic lights entirely, with autonomous intersection management. Rather than wait at a red light, connected, self-driving cars schedule a route through a junction; because speeds and therefore positioning can be perfectly managed, all the cars can go at once, choreographed like a horrifying traffic ballet.

Check It Out: How London Is Hacking its Traffic Lights

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