Speculation is rife about what Sir Jony Ive will work on after he has officially left Apple. On ComputerWorld, analyst Rob Enderle speculates that Sir Jony could end up designing a Microsoft Surface device. I think this is highly unlikely, for a number of reasons, but it is certainly an intriguing idea.

if I were to put something like this together, I’d co-brand it with Jony’s name so that buyers knew that if they wanted a product designed by Jony Ive, this was it. Regardless of whether you believe Cook’s position or not (I clearly do not), the fact is that with Jony gone from Apple and opening his own shop that future Jony Ive products are going to come from, his new customers won’t be his old employer. So, I’m anticipating a line of products from someone with name recognition. And since I’m suggesting that line be the Microsoft Surface, a “by Ive” name would be the most powerful way to achieve it. At the very least, an Apple customer would see a “Surface by Ive” name and at least consider it, where they might not even look twice at any other PC.

Check It Out: Microsoft Surface by Sir Jony Ive

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  1. Manqueman

    Why in the name of god would anyone think Enderle is right this time?
    Too, it’s been so long since I saw his name, I wonder: Is this actually Enderle? Maybe something generated by an Enderle AI program? Or maybe somewhere out there there’s an Enderle BS generator that created the linked piece?
    Or now that I think about it, maybe Enderle is just the Mr. Softee equivalent of the Macalope??

  2. pjs_boston

    LOL! Rob Enderle? That’s a blast from the past. I would have thought that old crazy, tin-foil hat wearing, Apple hating troll was put out to pasture years ago…

    I do wish Enderle would ride off into the sunset and take that ass-hat Microsoft shill Paul Thurrott with him…

  3. Patrick Ryan McLaughlin

    I wouldn’t consider anything Rob Enderle says as report-worthy. He’s an excellent example of how always being available to comment on a news story can get you featured frequently in articles, even if you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  4. jfbiii

    HAHAHAHAHA Rob Enderle. People still pay him for the crap that oozes from underneath his keyboard?

    Such a tool.

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