The Most Memorable Apple Ads Over the Years 1984-2019

Apple ad campaign: Here's to the crazy ones.

Business Insider has collected in one place all the most memorable Apple ads over the years.

  • We looked at the ads that have aired in the years since [1984] and highlighted the most memorable one each year, from dancing iPod silhouettes to the “Get a Mac” ad campaign.

This trip down memory lane is great to mull over as we’ve watched Apple grow and change.

Check It Out: The Most Memorable Apple Ads Over the Years 1984-2019

2 thoughts on “The Most Memorable Apple Ads Over the Years 1984-2019

  • Great find John – I had to check many of ’em out just for old times sake!

    I’d forgotten about the dancing silhouettes one – for iPod. The music on that one was awesome, not to mention the synchrony of the dancers with the music! They really nailed it with that ad, IMO. That campaign translated well to other media too, as Apple plastered colorful individual dancing silhouettes in all kinds of contorted poses with their distinctive white headphones on billboards in cities all over the globe.

    One ad I’m bummed they missed: the one Spike Jones did HomePod. The one with the “stretchy room” and the incredible dance performance by the British dancer/model FKA Twigs all “flowing” with a killer song. This one:

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